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Farmers block streets of Brussels

Farmers block streets of Brussels
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Bringing the streets of Brussels to a standstill. Hundreds of farmers are converging on the EU capital in their tractors to press the bloc to take action to counter the impact of soaring fuel prices. It comes ahead of an EU summit at the end of this week during which ministers will debate how best to tackle the crisis.

Dairy and meat producers say they are particularly hit by rising costs: “Everyone knows the situation in the agriculture industry isn’t great,” he says, “that’s why we are going to Brussels today. This time it will be well-behaved, the next time maybe not. We hope they will listen to us today and agree to act.”

Lorry drivers will also stage their own action in the north and centre of Brussels today, as unions urge them to fight for the right to pass on the rise in fuel costs to their customers. Hundreds of taxis are also reported to be taking part. The authorities are taking no chances with security over the protests, which come two weeks after a demonstration in the city by fishermen turned violent.