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Campaign kicks off in earnest for Obama and McCain

 Campaign kicks off in earnest for Obama and McCain
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The two candidates for the White House are entering the next phase of the presidential campaign which will end with one of them being elected the 44th President of the United States in November.

Barack Obama starts a 17-day economy tour today with employment at a 20-year high, the stock market at a serious low and petrol prices soaring to record levels. The Democrats are already speculating about who Obama will choose as his vice-presidential running mate. Hillary Clinton, who officially bowed out of the campaign on Saturday, has strong support from some but is far from the only contender.

According to Republicans close to John McCain’s campaign, Reagan administration veteran AB Culvahouse is advising him on his choice. There are fewer Republicans in Congress, which may restrict his choice.

The Democrats will hold their convention in Denver, Colorado at the end of August, while the Republicans will meet in Minnesota at the beginning of September.

Live television debates between Obama and McCain have also been scheduled for September and October. But aides have indicated the pair may also go head-to-head in unmoderated, Town Hall-style debates before the conventions.