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Slovenia shuts nuclear plant over leak

 Slovenia shuts nuclear plant over leak
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Slovenia has shut down its only nuclear plant after a water leak but said there has been no impact on the environment. Officials from Slovenia and the EU said the situation was “fully under control”.

The plant now needs to cool down for a couple of days before the leak can be repaired. The Krsko nuclear plant is jointly owned by Slovenia and neighbouring Croatia and is located near the border.

“We have no information of any damage to the people or the environment,” said Ferran Tarradellas, spokesman for Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs.

“The situation has been proceeding according to normal procedures and the Slovenian authorities have been very transparent providing information, we wanted to be transparent as well,” he added

The European Commision informed all member states via an early warning system used during nuclear or radiological emergencies. Austria, however, said it had initially been told the plant had been closed as part of an exercise, not as a result of a problem.