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Clinton wins in Puerto Rico but is still way behind

Clinton wins in Puerto Rico but is still way behind
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In the US, Hillary Clinton’s victory in Puerto Rico’s Democratic primary is still not enough to catch up with Barack Obama. The former first lady has rejected calls to drop out of the race for presidential candidate, insisting she will keep running until there is a nominee.

Obama is about 45 delegates shy of securing the nomination, but Clinton supporters are not giving up hope. One said: “She has the popular vote and if you don’t give the popular vote nominee the nomination for the Democratic candidate, we’re going to lose.”

Another said: “She has the popular vote and we need a strong leader for McCain – he’s a strong candidate – and I think she has the opportunity to win. I think she has to be the nominee for the Democratic Party.”

But popular vote aside, Obama is pushing closer to the magic number of 2,118 delegate votes needed to become the nominee. Primaries in Montana and South Dakota tomorrow will wrap up the Democratic voting. Thirty one delegate votes are up for grabs there, and then 180 super delegates have their say at a party Congress in August.