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Democrats compromise over Florida and Michigan

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Democrats compromise over Florida and Michigan
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There’s disappointment today in the Clinton camp after the rules committee of the US Democrat Party sounded a death knell for its presidential campaign.

Amid scenes of high emotion it voted to only allow delegates, won in Michigan and Florida, to count for half after both states broke party rules by holding their primaries earlier than usual.

Hillary Clinton had been hoping to narrow the gap between her and Barack Obama going into the final few votes.

Her supporters didn’t take the decision sitting down, voicing loud protests. Hillary Clinton’s camp has reserved its right to appeal the decision. “She has the popular vote, honey,” said one particularly vocal supporter. “The popular vote is more important then anything else. If you can’t take the popular vote into consideration, why do we even have a primary?”

As the decision stands, Clinton will get 50% of the delegate support from Florida, and roughly the same from Michigan. She’ll probably take Puerto Rico too, but it’s unlikely to be enough to beat Barack Obama.

The rival candidate and his wife have quit their church after it was the scene of many controversial speeches in recent weeks. “I am confident that we are gonna be able to find a church that we feel comfortable with, that will reflect our concerns and our values,” he told supporters while campaigning in South Dakota.

Today’s Puerto Rican primary is unlikely to be a decider. That is more likely to be down to the South Dakota and Montana ballot on Tuesday. But Hillary Clinton may still try to persuade the convention that they should give the candidacy to her for taking more votes overall than Obama.