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Chinese quake victims threatened by rising flood-waters

 Chinese quake victims threatened by rising flood-waters
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Mass evacuations are underway in the regions of China already devastated by the huge earthquake two weeks ago. Tent camps have been set up in Sichuan Province and neighbouring Beichuan County, from where more than 80 thousand have been rehoused. The official news agency reports that 160,000 have now been evacuated from thirty towns in both regions. They lie in valleys threatened by floodwater building up in lakes created by landslides during the tremor.

The official death toll now stands at more than 67,000, with around 20,000 missing and five million homeless. Two further aftershocks have destroyed more than 400,000 dwellings which survived the initial disaster.

Earth-moving equipment has been used to dig irrigation channels to drain some of the lakes formed after the huge earthquake.

Hundreds of soldiers have also made their way into the mountainous region to blast their way through the debris and drain off excess water before it overflows.