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Clinton says sorry for Kennedy remarks

Clinton says sorry for Kennedy remarks
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Hillary Clinton faced a barrage of criticism following remarks she made about the 1968 assassination of Robert Kennedy as she defended her decision to continue to fight for the Democratic presidential nomination. The New York Senator made the comments to a newspaper in South Dakota, while explaining that other nomination races had lasted into June.

Clinton said: “I regret that if my reference to that moment of trauma for our entire nation was in any way offensive. I certainly had no intention of that whatsoever.”

Barak Obama, just 56 delegates short of the number required to clinch the Democratic nomination, made it clear he would be willing to talk to countries hostile to the US such as Cuba and Iran. Speaking in Miami he said: “ It is time, I believe, to pursue direct diplomacy with friend and foe alike, without preconditions.”

Meanwhile, John McCain, the Republican candidate for the November election, has been given a clean bill of health by his doctors. McCain, who turns 72 in August, would be the oldest elected first-term US president.