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Spain buries officer killed in suspected ETA attack

 Spain buries officer killed in suspected ETA attack
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The funeral has taken place of the police officer killed in a suspected ETA attack yesterday. Top Spanish dignitaries attended the ceremony in the Basque capital Vitoria, including Prince Felipe, his wife, and senior members of government. There was no warning ahead of the early morning car bomb attack against a police barracks in the Basque country, where 29 people were sleeping including five children.

The victim was a 41-year old father-of-one. Four other Civil Guards were injured, one of them seriously.

No one has claimed responsibility for the blast, which bore all the hallmarks of the armed Basque seperatist group according to police.

ETA has killed more than 820 people in its fight for an independent Basque country in the past four decades.

Two men believed to belong to the organisation are wanted in connection with the attack.

The government broke off talks with the group after it ended a ceasefire in December 2006 killing two people in an explosion at Madrid airport.

ETA has been seriously weakened in recent years following a joint operation between France and Spain which has led to the arrest of hundreds of suspects.