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Kostunica hints he's unlikely to join a Tadic coalition

Kostunica hints he's unlikely to join a Tadic coalition
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There are likely to be few telephone calls between Voijslav Kostunica and the Serbian president. Both have made it clear that their spat in March spelled political divorce.

“What I want to stress is that my party, and my coalition partner the ILIC, cannot participate in a majority parliament which defends such principles; principles which were at the heart of our election campaign and which we cannot renounce because this is a dramatic moment for Serbia. I am speaking about Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence and its recognition by certain countries.”

The Slovenian EU Presidency has already congratulated Tadic on a crucial victory, and for the people celebrating on the streets there would be time enough for the finer details. They were marking the fact that their man had won, and that Serbia appeared to have taken a step forward rather than a step back.