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EU mission to Georgia amid talk of war

 EU mission to Georgia amid talk of war
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High-ranking EU diplomats are in Georgia to try to damp down threats of war. The foreign ministers of Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Sweden and Slovenia went at Riga’s behest. It insisted the informal ‘friends of Georgia’ group visit needed to come before any launch of fresh EU-Russia partnership negotiations. Trouble over Georgia’s breakaway region of Abkhazia is the main meat on the ministerial menu. Abkhazia says it has shot down another two Georgian spy drones on its territory, taking the total to five this month, according to its defence ministry. Georgia has denied sending drones. Moscow has accused Tbilisi of preparing for a war to retake Abkhazia. Georgia accuses Moscow of trying to stir tension in the region by supporting the rebels. Russia has ordered more soldiers to deploy there, under the terms of a UN mandate. The EU has reiterated its commitment to Georgian sovereignty and territorial integrity within internationally recognised borders.