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Albanians protest over vote in Kosovo

 Albanians protest over vote in Kosovo
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Kosovar Albanians have protested against Serbian election votes being cast in their new state, which declared independence in February.

Members of the Kosovo self-determination movement are furious that the Kosovar authorities are not preventing a ballot that could see an ultra- nationalist government voted in in Serbia.

Protestors threw sacks of rubbish at government buildings and the headquarters of the the UN mission in Kosovo, UNMIK.

UNMIK came to a tacit agreement with Kosovar leaders to allow Serbs in Kosovo to vote in Sunday’s polls.

It had first given the green light to just the parliamentary election, but is now also allowing the municipal vote to go ahead.

Since Kosovo declared independence, Serbs in northern Kosovo have staged sometimes violent protests.

In the Presevo valley in southern Serbia, ethnic Albanians are in the majority.

They will be supporting the pro-European parties and fear for the future if the nationalist, pro-Russian parties win the day.