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Berlusconi launches premier bid with Freedom Party

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Berlusconi launches premier bid with Freedom Party
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Silvio Berlusconi has kicked off his campaign to be prime minister of Italy once more. True to form, he lashed out at Italy’s centre-left, now defunct government, and promised to complete reforms he started when he was last in office. “I am sure that the next spring, spring 2008, will be for Italy a spring of freedom,” Berlusconi told his supporters. “The left has brought Italy to its knees. We say: “Italy, pick yourself up.”

Berlusconi’s new Freedom Party will run jointly with the National Alliance, and also with the Northern League but only in the south, rearranging the previous centre-right coalition. his is in response to the centre-left Democratic Party announcing it will not be running on a coalition ticket as is usual, but as a single entity. “They are just making cosmetic changes,” accused Democrat Party leader, and Mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni. “It’s not the innovation we are promising.”

It’s thought the Democratic Party’s bold new move could prove popular with voters. Romano Prodi, who resigned after his coalition lost its majority, is not running for office again.