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Romney vows to fight on despite McCain's success

 Romney vows to fight on despite McCain's success
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Despite John McCain’s strong showing for the Republicans his closest rival Mitt Romney is in no mood to quit the race. However, he is well behind McCain in the delegate count, he said, “This is about whether or not Washington will finally deal with the challenges we face, whether Washington is up to the task of helping solve these problems, taking advantage of opportunities, making sure that our kids and their kids live in an America that is the greatest nation on earth. It must be, it has always been. The world depends upon our sacrifice, our commitment and dedication to peace and prosperity and the liberty. This is the greatest nation in the history of the earth, we will keep it, the hope of the earth with your help, we’ll do it together. Thank you so much.”

Romney won seven states, but could face growing questions about the viability of his campaign with McCain looking ever more likely to be the Republican nomination.