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Serbs in Kosovo vote in Gracanica and Mitrovica

 Serbs in Kosovo vote in Gracanica and Mitrovica
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Serbs are also voting in Kosovo. The small group that remains in Pristina is being taken by bus to the nearby Serbian enclave of Gracanica. Officials say it was not worthwhile organising voting facilities in Pristina for such a small group. Of around 45,000 Serbs living in the city before the 1999 NATO bombing, just dozens now remain, mostly elderly people.

There are also some 20 polling stations in the town of Mitrovica, which is divided between Kosovo Serbs and ethnic Albanians. Husband and wife Dragoljub and Zorica Pajovic are among those voting.

He said: “We need to keep kosovo part of Serbia by having a referendum. We hope the next president will do that and possibly keep Kosovo part of it.

His wife said Nikolic was the only choice and said: “Kosovo is ours and no one has the right to let it go.”

But in Pristina, Kosovo’s Deputy Prime Minister, Hajredin Kuqi, said the election will not change the province’s course.

He said: “The elections in Serbia today, they have no impact on the future of Kosovo. In any case, Kosovo has its own path and we will continue our future cooperation with all the state including Serbia for the new future. But in any case, Kosovo will become an independent state.”