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Thaci: Kosovo won't wait for independence

 Thaci: Kosovo won't wait for independence
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Kosovo’s Prime Minister says the breakaway province will declare independence from Serbia within days of Sunday’s Presidential run-off, regardless of who wins. Hashim Thaci brushed off suggestions that events in Serbia would determine the timeline to self-rule.

“The independence of Kosovo will happen within the days to come, regardless of whether Nicolic or Tadic wins the elections. Events in Serbia do not have any effect on Kosovo. It follows its own path.”

Observers say that if the pro-western Boris Tadic wins, the US and EU will urge Pristina to delay a declaration until at least the end of the February to help control the inevitable political fallout from the loss of what many Serbs regard as their religious and cultural heartland.

If the ultranationalist Tomislav Nikolic wins, its expected Pristina would fast-track its plans in a bid to out-maneouvre any move by the Russian-backed candidate to intervene.