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S.Carolina landslide revives Obama campaign

 S.Carolina landslide revives Obama campaign
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The Barack Obama bandwagon is rolling again following his stunning victory in the South Carolina Democratic primary. Obama beat the second-placed Hillary Clinton by a factor of more than two to one, a margin of victory no-one had expected and on a massive turnout.

He swept almost all the African-American vote, and a quarter of the white vote, unprecendented for an African-American candidate. Obama said his victory proved that his candidacy could confound a number of long-held assumptions about America:

“The assumption that African-Americans can’t support the white candidate, that whites can’t support the African-American candidate, blacks and latinos can’t come together. We are here tonight to say that that is not the America we believe in,” he said to a rapturous crowd.

Hillary Clinton is far from finished, but the nature of the Obama win gives him more credibility, more ability to raise crucial campaign funds, and his crossover potential may now be worrying the Republicans.