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Palestinians keep streaming into Egypt at Rafah

 Palestinians keep streaming into Egypt at Rafah
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Palestinians keep flocking into Egypt from the Gaza Strip to stock up on food and basic goods after gunmen blew a hole in a border wall. The attack came early Wednesday morning after five days of a crippling embargo on Gaza by Israel, which led to supplies running out in the impoverished Strip. Lack of fuel temporarily forced Gaza to shut down its only power plant.

Israel implemented the blockade in response to daily rocket attacks on its territory by Palestinian militants in Gaza. “We are being buried alive, this isn’t a life,” said one woman. “This is what we Palestinians have to endure.”

Israel, which still controls Gaza’s northern and eastern frontiers, is calling on Egypt to take control of the border. It fears militants will seize the opportunity to bring weapons into Gaza for attacks against Israelis. The UN Security Council is meeting on Thursday for the second time in three days to try to reach a deal on a statement calling for an immediate end to violence in Gaza and southern Israel.