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International outcry over Rafah border surge

 International outcry over Rafah border surge
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The worsening crisis in Gaza is fuelling a growing outcry in the Arab World. In Yemen, an estimated 10,000 protestors, including members of human rights groups and political parties, marched through the streets of the capital Sana’a, demanding an end to the Israeli military offensive and blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Hundreds of people also gathered in Cairo, urging the government to do more to resolve the crisis.

Observers say the depth of public sympathy for the Palestinians means there is little Egypt can do – except hope that Israel eases the restrictions.

“I have said they can come in to buy food, and then go back, as long as they are not carrying weapons. We are willing to work with the authorities if they need food,” said President Hosni Mubarak.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians poured into Egypt from the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, after militants used explosives to breach the border fence.

They used every means they could to stock up on food, fuel and medical supplies.

The fall of the wall at Rafah represents a new challenge to Israeli efforts to keep pressure on the Gaza Strip in the face of an international outcry over shortages.