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Republican eyes focus on Michigan

 Republican eyes focus on Michigan
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Republican presidential hopefuls are taking differing approaches over how to revive the economy of Michigan. It is the next state to hold a primary in the race for nomination. John McCain is telling it as it is – in other words, despite having the nation’s highest unemployment, those lost jobs are just not coming back because of the global economy.

But his nearest rival for the Republican ticket, Mitt Romney, says retraining is the key to prosperity. Michigan-born Romney has to win this primary after losing Iowa to Mike Huckabee and New Hampshire to McCain, but polls have it too close to call.

The Democrats have refused to campaign in the state which offended the national party by advancing the date of its primary without Democrat approval.

But the tussle between frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama resumes in Nevada next Saturday. In the meantime, race has become the topic of the moment with Clinton accusing Obama of distorting her remarks about the black leader Martin Luther King and the extent of his role in advancing civil rights.

While Obama can obviously rely on some black support, so too can the Clinton camp which has long had strong backing from the black community.

War of words apart, both senators are targeting the poor and proposing multi billion dollar stimuli plans for several of the southern states.