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Ex-hostage reunited with son after three years apart

 Ex-hostage reunited with son after three years apart
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Colombian ex-hostage Clara Rojas has met the son she gave birth to in the jungle, while in the hands of left-wing FARC guerrillas. Emmanuel, who was fathered by one of the rebels and is now nearly four, was taken from his mother at the age of eight months suffering from malnutrition and tropical diseases. Rojas and her fellow hostage Consuelo Gonzalez were freed last week after Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez brokered their release.

Their much-anticipated return comes amid increasing tensions between Colombia and Venezuela, which angered its neighbour by urging the international community to remove the rebels from the list of terrorist organisations.

Colombia insists the FARC, who still hold around 750 hostages, are terrorists who rely on cocaine smuggling to fund their efforts to topple a democratically-elected government.