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Sardinians protest over intake of Naples waste

Sardinians protest over intake of Naples waste
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There have been scuffles in Sardinia as Naples’ rubbish crisis spills over into other parts of Italy. The protest was against the island’s decision to relieve Naples of some of the waste that’s been piling up on its streets. Its governor said the rest of Italy had a duty to show solidarity with the city.

Other areas of the country have agreed to take some of the waste and Naples is set to increase shipments it already makes to incinerators in Germany. Switzerland may also help out.

Rubbish collection in Naples came to a halt before Christmas after dumps in the area were declared full. But analysts say the crisis is the result of decades of political weakness, corruption and heavy mafia involvement in waste disposal.

The EU is closely following the dispute and an official said Rome could face accelerated legal proceedings if there is no breakthrough soon. One Neapolitan has come up with their own solution, putting the trash up for sale on Ebay.