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Scotland Yard to investigate Bhutto assassination

Scotland Yard to investigate Bhutto assassination
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The Pakistani president has called on British detectives to help investigate the murder of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

This amid opposition claims of a cover-up: the government says she hit her head on her vehicle while trying to escape a bomb blast; her supporters maintain she was shot in the back of the head before the explosion.

The Chief Election Commissioner earlier today said a planned election has been postponed by six weeks until February 18 because of unrest. Supporters of Bhuto’s party and the other main opposition party had wanted the polls to go ahead as planned.

In his televised address, President Pervez Musharraf attempted to calm tensions, saying he was convinced al-Qaeda was to blame for the murder. Authorities say at least 27 Islamic militants accused of having links to al-Qaeda and the Taliban have been killed over the past two days in the Waziristan region.

Meanwhile, the French foreign minister has laid a wreath at the site of Bhutto’s killing. Bernard Kouchner told Pakistani officials that Paris was also willing to help in the murder inquiry. He had originally intended to visit Bhutto’s grave, but officials said security there could not be guaranteed.