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Vast German police operation against paedophiles

 Vast German police operation against paedophiles
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German prosecutors are investigating 12 thousand suspects in a child pornography network, the largest ever found in Germany. In an operation called “Sky”, German authorities have already seized large quantities of paedo-pornographic material while more searches are being carried out in Germany and in 70 other countries.

Criminal police have confirmed that investigations are underway involving 1,700 accused paedophiles in the federal lande, or state, of Baden-Württemberg.

Klaus Wiechmann at the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the state of Saxony Anhalt says police investigation methods have improved:

“It should be noted that there are not more offenders, I think the number of offenders is about the same, but the possibilities of investigation have become better. One can track these offenders better and we hope to be able to do battle against child pornography networks.”

The vast paedophile network was discovered when an Internet provider informed the police in Berlin of a huge traffic of data on a child pornography website.

The Criminal Police Bureau in the state of Bavaria has criticized the early release of information about the investigation. It says there is now a danger that other paedophile suspects under investigation could erase incriminating material.