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Russia hails missile sucesses

 Russia hails missile sucesses
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Three missile launches for Russia over Christmas; most notably the successful test firing of a new hybrid intercontinental ballistic missile the Russians are claiming can outwit any anti-missile system. The submarine-launched RSM 54 or Sineva was fired from the Barents sea to Kamchatka at around the same time as a new multiple warhead weapon, the RS 24, crossed Russia to hit its pacific coast target.

The Sineva cannot be intercepted as it becomes a cruise missile on reentry to the atmosphere, so defeats the radar tracking normally used to plot the missile’s trajectory, and guide an interceptor onto it.

Engineers at the Plessetsk launch site were delighted;

“The military base in Kamchatka confirms that missile fragments have arrived accurately at the target site”, said one.

Also launched over Christmas were the final three satellites in Russia’s own GPS system, Glonass, which will be operational by 2009.