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Al-Qaeda suspected in Mauretania murders

 Al-Qaeda suspected in Mauretania murders
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While the sole survivor of the attack on French tourists in Mauretania recovers in hospital police are now investigating the possibility his attackers may have been islamic militants afilliated to al-Qaeda. Police say they are hunting three men believed to have fled to northern Senegal, and have made a number of arrests.

Francois Tollet was powerless to prevent three of his family and a friend from being murdered by the side of the road as they had a picnic on Christmas eve.

Initially police believed the tourists had been spotted changing 50 euros just before the attack, and had been followed by criminals intent on robbery.

However their black car was found abandoned with its contents undisturbed, so robbery may not have been the motive.

In just 12 days the Lisbon-Dakar rally starts, and will drive through Mauretania. Race organisers are hoping it will not be the next target.