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Huge death toll after Bangladesh typhoon

Huge death toll after Bangladesh typhoon
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Hundreds dead and many more missing -the impact of a poweful cyclone that has devastated much of Bangladesh. Around 600 are known to have died but that seems certain to rise with thousands injured or unaccounted for. The Category 4 cyclone triggered a 5-metre high tidal surge that devastated three coastal towns and forced more than million people to leave their homes in the low-lying country.

Many of those feared lost are fishermen, some 150 trawlers are reported missing. The catastrophe has triggered an international relief operation. The UN.‘s World Food Programme said it was sending 98 tonnes of aid. The cyclone, follows on from floods in July-September that killed more than 1,000 people. Bangladesh is battered by storms every year. A severe cyclone killed half a million people in 1970.