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EU ultra-chefs' kids-in-kitchen health campaign

EU ultra-chefs' kids-in-kitchen health campaign
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Call in the men in the tall white hats for a hands-on enjoy-your-food experience—as part of the European Day of Healthy Food and Cooking. The events included 400 prestigious cooks paying workshop visits to schools in more than a dozen EU countries, through the ‘Euro-toques’ association. (The French name for those hats is ‘toque’.)

EU Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou, at a school in Brussels, discussed why children should be taught how to eat healthily: “Obesity is caused by mathematics if I can say: We eat more than we consume, so it is a combination of healthy intake and more physical activities — it has to be a combination of the two.”

Around 22 million children in the EU are thought to be overweight or clinically obese. The connoisseurs of non-industrial food believe the road to enlightenment lies in exposure to authenticity.

Here is French chef Christian Leclou: “We encourage children to come to our restaurants so they discover real products, seasonal products especially, and teach them to stay at the table during dinner. That’s the main problem. They don’t spend enough time with parents at the table.”