Military action in Turkey as people demonstrate

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Military action in Turkey as people demonstrate

Military action in Turkey as people demonstrate
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Turkey claims to have killed 20 Kurdish guerillas in a major military operation in the east of the country. Thousands of troops were involved in the attack near Tunceli, backed-up by air support.

However on the border with Iraq, where 100,000 troops are waiting for orders, the situation remains calm but tense.

The government says its now ready for any eventuality.

Turkey is adamant that it has to tackle the PKK Kurdish militants holed-up in northern Iraq’s mountainous region, whatever the reservations of the US and Europe.

The situation continues to provoke turmoil across the country.

This weekend has seen a number of demonstrations in Istanbul, both against the PKK rebels, and in favour of their cause.

One pro-PKK rally by a few hundred people degenerated into violence and attacks on police.

The Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has apparently spoken to his Turkish counterpart, Abdullah Gul, on the telephone, who has told him Turkey feels all diplomatic channels are pretty much exhausted.

The Istanbul marathon was hijacked by anti PKK protestors showing support for their government’s tough stand.