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Turkish planes pound rebel positions in northern Iraq

Turkish planes pound rebel positions in northern Iraq
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It has been revealed that Turkish warplanes and troops have been attacking Kurdish rebels inside northern Iraq over the past few days. The operation, which is believed to have killed more than 30 Kurdistan Workers’ Party rebels, follows border clashes on Sunday that killed 12 Turkish soldiers.

However, officials in Ankara are making it clear this is not a major military incursion, as feared by Washington and the European Union. The US is again calling for restraint, concerned that the situation could blow up into a wider conflict. Ankara is reported to be moving more troops to its mountainous border, keeping up pressure on Baghdad to crack down on about 3,000 PKK rebels based in northern Iraq.

Meanwhile, a Kurdish TV station has broadcast images of what appears to be Turkish soldiers being held captive by militants. Eight soldiers are reported missing by the Turkish army after what it says was an ambush by militants on Sunday.