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Kurdish fears of Turkish offensive rise

Kurdish fears of Turkish offensive rise
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Villages on the frontline of a potential war between Turkey and Kurdish rebels lie empty, except for a few residents who refuse to be driven out despite the sight of fighter planes in the clear skies above. “Because of the Turkish bombing, the whole family has left the village and the bombings are still carrying on, just two minutes ago they bombed near the village” said one local.

Others believe the Turkish attacks are simply a blatant attempt to frighten them into leaving their homes, as many residents say they have never seen PKK fighters in the area. “There are no PKK in this area. We want the PKK to leave and go back to Turkey. It’s their problem. It’s not ours. They have to deal with each other and solve the problem between themselves” said another villager.

He like many other inhabitants is now putting his faith in the international community, in the hope it can head off further conflict.