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Walesa urges huge turnout in Polish election

Walesa urges huge turnout in Polish election
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Poland’s former President Lech Walesa has urged his fellow countrymen to vote in huge numbers in Sunday’s election.

Calling it the most important election since the fall of Communism in 1989, the one-time Solidarity union leader said only a large turnout could be sure of defeating the government.

Latest opinion polls put the pro-business opposition Civic Platform well-ahead of the ruling Law and Justice Party. But people on the street are still split.

One man was keen to give the opposition a chance, saying they seem like decent people.

But another lady said she will support the government, because they have been a breath of fresh air.

The past two years have seen growth in Poland. But the Civic Platform wants to go further, and make Poland the new Ireland, with a booming economy embracing Europe.