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Former Soviet dissident claims KGB is back in power

Former Soviet dissident claims KGB is back in power
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Vladimir Bukovsky has exposed to the world the psychiatric treatment of Soviet-era dissidents. He spent 12 years in Soviet mental hospitals and prisons, before being exiled.

He spoke to EuroNews about politics, and who will win the Presidency in March.

“Whoever has the support of the Kremlin! That is to say… I mean… all that anyone can hope is for one chance in a million that people have had enough of all that’s going on, and that they take to the streets like in Ukraine or Georgia. But that’s really unlikely.”

EuroNews: “Mr Putin has been accepted internationally even after he presented a more aggressive face for Russia internationally. But he has been accepted even so as the leader of the Russians. What do you have against him?”

Bukovsky: “I was against him from the start, before he was elected the first time, when Yeltsin named him as his successor. Because I knew that the KGB was hiding behind him. Today, we forget that when one talks of international terrorism, it was created by the Soviet Union. The documents prove it. How they recruited, how they trained, armed and controlled all the international terrorist organisations. And that was in the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s. And these people didn’t die overnight! They are still there, and with Putin in power, and the KGB controlling all the important positions, they have revived their old networks. This is reliable information; they have reactivated their agents abroad. They are back in business.”