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Europe shows solidarity with Myanmar protests

Europe shows solidarity with Myanmar protests
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People took to the streets in a number of European cities to show solidarity with the peaceful protests in Myanmar. In Brussels demonstrators accused the European Union of doing nothing in the face of the violent repression in the former Burma.

They also called for an inquiry into the actions of the French oil company Total one of the biggest western investors in the country. The march ended with a minutes silence for those who have died in the military crackdown. In Berlin a demonstration took place outside the Chinese embassy with calls for the international community to boycott the 2008 olympic games in Beijing.

In Paris singer and actress Jane Birkin who has been campaigning of behalf of the people of Myanmar for a number of years was in attendance along with exiled prime minister Sein Win who called on the international community to continue to pressure the Myanmar dictatorship. A similar show of support took place in Geneva.