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Belgium's political process back on track

Belgium's political process back on track
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Belgium’s political crises shows signs of easing after the Flemish and francophone parties found enough common ground to forge ahead with coalition talks. The country has been in a political vacuum since the June the 10th election failed to deliver a new government.

The impasse prompted speculation that the 177-year-old state was close to breaking up. Yves Leterme and his Flemish Christian Democrats emerged as winners of the election but met with opposition from the francophone parties on the issue of more devolved powers to the regions.

After failing to form a ruling union Leterme quit and King Albert II appointed political veteran Herman van Rompuy to try to find areas of compromise. It is expected that Leterme will once again be asked to form a government. The country comprised of Flanders, Wallonia and the Brussels capital region continues to function under the outgoing government of Guy Verhofstadt.