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Pasta price rises hard for Italians to swallow

Pasta price rises hard for Italians to swallow
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Protestors calling on Italians to take pasta off the menu today seem to have bitten off more than they can chew. Price rises, albeit modest, are pasta joke for many, who find the idea of paying more for the ubiquitous national dish hard to swallow. A surge in demand for wheat means pricier pasta, which leaves a nasty taste in the mouth, hence the call to boycott the bolognese. Consumer group president Carlo Pileri said if prices keep rising, Italian families won’t be able to save for other things, like shoes, clothes, cars or a new fridge.

The pasta protestors hoped to persuade buyers to chew it over, by handing out free farfalle and packets of penne. All the ingredients were there for a classic spaghetti western, with the goodies lined up against the baddies, in this case the greedy pasta makers.

One man found the dish too rich, and the price rises difficult to stomach, and said he wouldn’t be buying pasta today. But many didn’t have the appetite for the fight, and tucked in with relish in restaurants. But, if you like your linguine, and are crazy for cannelone, price rises or not, you’ll just have to bite the bullet.