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Unease over security as US marks 9/11 anniversary

Unease over security as US marks 9/11 anniversary
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America remembers the victims of September 11 today, amid apprehension about the possibility of new attacks. Some visiting Ground Zero on the 6th anniversary of the atrocity spoke of their fear that the US will have to remain vigilant for a long time. “I think it’s a dangerous world and I don’t think the problem will ever be completely solved and it’s an ongoing battle that we’re going to have to have. But right now, for the most part I do feel safe,” said one visitor to the Ground Zero site.

Around 3,000 people died in the attacks the effects of which are still being in America and beyond. The battle against al-Qaeda is being fought around the world and its leader remains at large.

The appearance of Osama bin Laden in what is claimed to be a new video has added to the anxiety felt by many Americans. In the run up to this anniversary intelligence reports have suggested that al-Qaeda may not be able to strike again on the scale of 9/11 but are still capable of causing death and destruction in the US.