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ETA suspects taken to Paris

ETA suspects taken to Paris
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Four ETA suspects detained in France were being taken to Paris for questioning today. It follows a search of the house they were renting. It has been described by police as a “bomb factory.” Spain’s government believes the three men and a woman played a decisive role in a deadly attack at Madrid Airport last December. It is alleged that one of them, Luis Ignacio Iruretagoyena, is the armed Basque separatist group’s leading explosives expert.

Police say bomb-making equipment was found in the house in Cahors in south-western France. Investigations are underway into whether a training video on how to produce explosives, which has been in police hands since May, was recorded on the premises.

Over the border in Spain, there were a series of bomb alerts on Sunday after telephone warnings made in the name of ETA. One small device went off on a motorway near the northern town of Fuenmayor. No one was hurt and no damage was reported. Following the bomb threats, several stretches of road were closed, causing traffic delays at a time when many Spaniards were returning home from their summer holidays.