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Blasts at Palestinian camp after Lebanese "victory"

Blasts at Palestinian camp after Lebanese "victory"
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Gunfire and explosions have been heard around the Palestinian refugee camp that the Lebanese army won control of yesterday after a lengthy battle with Islamic militants. It is not clear if fresh fighting has erupted. The army had said it expected to capture the handful of gunmen who had not been killed in the final clashes at the Nahr-al-Bared camp. The Fatah-al-Islam group’s leader is among 39 fighters to have died over the weekend. Several soldiers were also killed.

The conflict has taken a heavy toll on civilians, many of whom fled to the nearby Beddawi camp. More than 40 civilians were killed and many have lost their homes. Despite army warnings to residents to stay away for the time being, some returned to survey the damage. Even though the camp has been largely destroyed there was evident joy that conflict seems to have ended.