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Taliban militants up the pressure over hostages

Taliban militants up the pressure over hostages
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An Arab television channel has broadcast images of a German man held by the Taliban in Afghanistan. The engineer, identified only as Rudolf B, is said to have appealed for the withdrawal of US and German troops from the country. The man was one of two Germans and five Afghans seized in the town of Wardak last month. One German has since been found dead while one of the Afghans has escaped. Meanwhile, the Afghan authorities have recovered the body of a second South Korean hostage thought to have been shot dead by the Taliban. The kidnappers have threatened to kill more of their 21 captives, most of whom are women, later today if Kabul does not free militants held in Afghan jails. Seoul called the killings a “heinous act” carried out on innocent civilians, while the aunt and mother of the latest victim, 29-year-old aid worker Shim Sung Min, were inconsolable upon hearing the news.The plight of the Christian volunteers has galvanised the public in South Korea, with many calling for the Afghan administration to do a deal with the hostage takers. Others are urging for Seoul to pull its small military force out of the war-torn country immediately.