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UK ministers cannabis use overshadows drug crackdown

UK ministers cannabis use overshadows drug crackdown
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Britain’s Home Secretary has said she did smoke cannabis, but will next week consider cracking down on those who still do.

Jacqui Smith is one of several self-confessed former dope-smokers in the cabinet. But the heat falls most on her as she will lead a review on whether to re-upgrade the drug to class B. She told a reporter: “I was asked, I answered, it was more than 25 years ago and I did it a few times….it was wrong…because it was against the law.”

The revelations may be embarrassing, but most analysts say it should not be too politically damaging. Conservative opposition leader David Cameron has said politicians have a right to “a private life before politics.” Cannabis was downgraded to a class C drug three years ago but new, stronger strands of the drug have prompted the re-think.