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Kosovo situation "impossible" says UN

Kosovo situation "impossible" says UN
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Independence for Kosovo on November 28th. That is the unilateral proposal of Kosovan Prime Minister Agim Ceku who has given up on international efforts to secure it. He told government and opposition leaders that Albania’s Independence Day was the perfect date for the split to go ahead and called on Kosovo’s Parliament to ratify it.

Independence proposals for Kosovo have been stymied within the UN Security Council, with Russia threatening to use its veto at Serbia’s behest. Ambassadors called the situation “impossible” after a planned independence vote today was shelved.

Serbia, backed by Russia, still insists it will not cede even “one inch of its territory”. The only recourse the UN has left is to step back from the decision and encourage Serbia and Kosovo to talk some more. That is not deemed good enough for Ceku, or the mostly ethnically Albanian people of Kosovo. Kosovo has long been threatening to take matters into its own hands. The Prime Minister will spend this weekend in the United States with Condoleezza Rice, who has indicated America could support a unilateral declaration.