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Kosovo's PM names a date for independence

Kosovo's PM names a date for independence
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Kosovo’s Prime Minister wants to declare independence unilaterally at the end of the year in the face of the UN’s failure to set a date. Agim Ceku has told government and opposition leaders that November 28 would be the best moment for the split, being Albania’s Independence Day. Kosovo has repeatedly threatened to declare independence unilaterally amid huge public support as the wrangling has continued within the UN. Serbia called on its ally Russia to block the proposals of UN envoy Maarti Ahtisaari within the Security Council, insisting it will not cede “even one inch of its territory.” Russia duly threatened to apply its veto, forcing the UN to consider shelving even a watered-down version of the Ahtisaari plan which Moscow sees as “independence by the back door”. Ceku is headed for talks with Condoleezza Rice in Washington this weekend. The US has indicated it would support a unilateral declaration.