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Countdown to world release of latest Potter book

Countdown to world release of latest Potter book
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Harry Potter isnot dead! Not yet! But the tension is mounting for his fans. Just a few more hours and the fate of the teenage wizard will be known. There are already queues of people outside bookshops worldwide, all intent on getting a copy of the seventh and final book in the series. It will reveal whether Harry lives or dies. At one minute after midnight on Saturday morning, London time, all will be revealed. “I am from Holland and my friends are from Belgium,” said one pink-haired teenager outside a bookshop in London. “We’re here for the fun of it too, not just the book.” It is the most hyped book launch in history.

Bookmakers are taking bets that Harry has part of the baddie Voldemort’s spirit inside him and both must die. One British bookseller, Cathy Waterhouse, said: “The books are a secret and we can’t show them anywhere. We even have to put things over the windows when we are putting up the displays. They can not even be seen until one minute past midnight. It’s quite exciting when they all arrive in the boxes with “Embargo” written all over them.” Keeping the secret has seen a major security operation.

For those who know where to look the ending appears to be available to read on the web. American reviewers have already written it up, drawing stinging criticism from the author J K Rowling, but they didn’t give the end away.