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Chirac 'material witness' in political funding scandal

Chirac 'material witness' in political funding scandal
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Nine weeks after leaving office former French President Jacques Chirac has been questioned over his role in an alleged political funding scandal. While President, Chirac enjoyed political immunity from prosecutors looking into allegations that in the early 1990’s seven people working full-time for the RPR party, of which he was head, were being paid for by the mayor’s office in Paris.

At the time Chirac was also Mayor of Paris. Today he was questioned as a material witness by a judge. Chirac’s alleged involvement hinges on a letter he apparently signed in 1993, recommending a pay rise for one of the employees concerned. The financial benefit to RPR is said to have been around five million euros. Since that time the law in France has been changed and it is no longer illegal for mayors’ offices to pay the salaries of political party workers.