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Blast invokes memories of 9-11

Blast invokes memories of 9-11
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Once again New Yorkers find themselves dealing with a major emergency in their midst. The rush-hour explosion in mid-town Manhattan unleashed panic on the streets – among a population still traumatised by the events of September the 11th.

“I went back and I was helping people come out of the building, then all the windows starting breaking around me and the rubble started coming down, but whatever it was, there was smoke but there was also steam, a mountain, a lot, the worst thing I ever heard in my life,” one man said.

“I see like about 8,9 storeys of like steam coming up, so I go down, I show my ID to the cops, I’m like how can I help, I want to get down there, I’m trying to find the firemen so I can see whats going on, I’m thinking its a bomb,” said a workman.

“Everybody started running, then all the steam came, we couldn’t breathe, then the people said that a building had collapsed, you know, 9-11 so everyone was going crazy,” said another man.

Officials have cordoned off the area while asbestos tests are carried out. The toxic material was used to line steam pipes in the past.