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Tourist money in Europe goes furthest in Bulgaria

Tourist money in Europe goes furthest in Bulgaria
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Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid is for bigger budget sightseers. Travellers around Europe this summer will see enormous price differences.

The official statistics agency Eurostat has run a price comparison of 500 food products. In Denmark, expect to pay a premium – 142% of the average for the 27-member EU bloc.

Eurostat surveyed 37 countries – the EU plus the three candidates, the Western Balkans, and Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

The preferred destinations for tourists with more modest budgets were Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia.

Smokers would find the lowest tobacco prices in Latvia and Lithuania – where the cost was around 30% of the average. In the UK cigarettes were above 200%.

As for alcoholic drinks, a tab would ring up fastest in Ireland, then Finland, then Britain.