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Airbus ahead in orders as Boeing unveils 787

Airbus ahead in orders as Boeing unveils 787
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Airbus – perhaps hoping to take some of the attention away from the weekend unveiling of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner – has announced that it received more orders than its US rival in the first half of this year and also delivered more planes during that time.

The European planemaker said it has received 680 new orders up to 30 June, while on 3 July Boeing said it had 544 orders. At the half year Airbus had delivered 11 more planes than Boeing.

On the minus side the Wall Street Journal has reported that a dispute between Airbus and engine maker General Electric could cause problems for its A 350. GE is said to be reluctant to build a new engine just for the largest A 350s, leaving customers with the option only of an engine from Rolls Royce, which they don’t like as it limits their ability to do deals on price.

The 787 Dreamliner, shown off for the first time on Sunday, has given Boeing a boost; so far 677 of them have been ordered. The 787 programme’s chief Mike Bair said: “When we committed four years ago to bringing this airplane to market we brought the best and brightest global partners from across the world to revolutionise passenger flights. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together.”

The delays for Airbus’ rival A350 have made the super-light fuel efficient 787 more popular with airlines, but if Airbus continues to gain orders to the degree it has so far this year it could overtake Boeing and reclaim the number one sales spot it lost last year.