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Multi-billion-euro make-up market gets EU-US attention

Multi-billion-euro make-up market gets EU-US attention
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In a move meant to make shoppers, industry and animals all feel better, Brussels and Washington have reached a cosmetic compact. This allows the European Commission and the American government to exchange confidential information about the safety of make-up products and medical devices.

The new special arrangements were agreed between the EU industry authority and the US Food and Drug Administration. Closer economic cooperation is the main aim of the Transatlantic Economic Council, launched last week. One of the priorities is to harmonise rules.

The US is a three billion euro per year market for EU cosmetics exports. The Americans sell one and a half billion euros of their make-up in Europe. Therefore, both sides have a strong incentive to agree on alternative ways to assess cosmetics’ risks, since Europe is to ban animal-tested products from 2009.