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UK detectives in Australia to quiz terror suspect

UK detectives in Australia to quiz terror suspect
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British detectives have arrived in Australia to question a doctor arrested over the attempted car bombings in London and Glasgow. Australian media have identified the man detained at Brisbane Airport as 27-year-old Mohammed Haneef, who previously worked at an English hospital near Liverpool. He was captured while trying to board a plane to India. Authorities have been given an extra 48-hours to question him.

Most of the suspects have medical links, according to British police. Jordanian doctor Mohammed Asha and his lab technician wife were the couple arrested on the M6 motorway on Saturday. Forensic investigators are continuing to examine their living quarters. Six of the eight people arrested are now being held at London’s high security Paddington Green police station.

In Glasgow, meanwhile, authorities have appealed for calm after a car was driven into a Muslim owned shop and then set on fire. It sparked fears of further reprisals for the attck on Scotland’s busiest airport. Security experts are now considering reducing Britain’s critical terrorist threat level after a police source said they believe the main suspects have been apprehended.