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Lebanon blast kills 6 UN peacekeepers

Lebanon blast kills 6 UN peacekeepers
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No group has yet claimed responsibility for a bomb attack that killed six UN peacekeepers in southern Lebanon. Three of the victims were Spanish, the three others Colombians working for the Spanish army. Two other Spaniards were injured. The suspected cause was a suicide car-bomb. The remains of a car were found nearby with charred human remains inside.

Hezbollah and the international community have denounced the attack near Khiyam in the south of Lebanon. Spain’s defence minister Jose Antonio Alonso said that a team was on site to analyse the wreckage as authorities try to find out who was behind the attack.

Among the main suspected groups are the islamist Fatah al-Islam. They’ve accused UN forces of bombing their members at a refugee camp in north Lebanon. Acting Lebanese foreign minister Tareq Metri responded to the attack: “As all Lebanese I’m saddened, angered by this terrorist act against the UNIFIL forces, the Spanish battalion. This is meant to be a threat to Lebanon, to Lebanese security, to the international community.”

Just over 13,000 UNIFIL peacekeepers are in the region. One of their principal tasks is to clear the area of landmines and unexploded bombs left after the war between Israel and Hezbollah last year.